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Family Weller, Gale and Per

Family Weller, Gale and Per

Information from Ann Rabinowitz

The VELER family originated as far as the existing records show with Yudel VELER (circa 1760-70's), his son Orel (born 1798), and Orel's son son Wulf VELER (1818-1883) and wife Gode (1829-1889), who had, at least, two sons: Orel (born 1849) VELER and his wife Chana SARFINOWITZ (1857-1926), and Iodidia VELER (born 1854) and his wife Freyda.

The father, Wulf Veler, although born in Linkuva, left for Kupiskis at an unknown date whilst the older son left for there in 1862 and the younger in 1872. All of the children of the two sons were born in Kupiskis.

Orel's son Benjamin-Zalman VELER remained in Kupiskis until the Holocaust when he was killed with his unmarried daughter Jache and married daughter Hoda LAB and her family in 1941.

There was also a Kasriel VELER and his wife Tsipe (1818-1876) and their son Izrail VELER. Kasriel may have been a brother of Wulf.

In regard to another family from Linkuva who came to Kupiskis, there was the GALE family.

The family originated with Mikhel GALE who had one son, Mendel GALE (born 1770), and he had, in turn, at least, two sons: Marek GALE (born 1803) and Itsyk (born 1806). The GALE who came to Kupiskis was Notel GALE (born 1820) and his wife Sheina (1829-1912). They had a son Khatskel GALE. The name of Notel GALE's father is not known.

I also have knowledge of the PER family. I do not know the connection between them and my immediate family in Panevezys as there is a gap in the records, but they appear to be connected somehow.

Ann Rabinowitz, 2003

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