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Set of photographs from Enrique Vainer

"Family picture taken pre-1938. My mother Nejama Gersh has a white flower in her dress, below on the right with a big beard is my grandfather Nochem Hershl Gersh. On his right is my grandmother Jana Mer, next is Shimon Gersh my uncle, his wife and mother in law, then one of my grandfathers' sisters, and her husband, Zorech Kruger. Above on the left side is Masha Gersh, my aunt. My mother worked some time in Linkuva and left Europe for Mexico in August 1939. She never heard anything again from her family that stayed at home."

"The first photograph below is of Abe Mer, my great grandfather, (father of Golde, Jana and Basha Mer. Jana was my grandmother). The second one is of the Krammers, first cousins of my mother on her father side (Girsh), they left to South Africa."

Late 30s' in front of my grandfahers' home in Pamusha. The first person on the left side is my mother.

Late 1930's taken in Pamusis. Above from left to right Mushke Kruger, Abke ?, ?, Leibke Brawer, Nejama Gersh. Below from left to right Goldke Gersh, Abkes' sister, Shimon Gersh, Rifka (Kulpe), Abkes' sister.

I`m attaching a photo of the Onyas family from Linkuva
In the front from left to right
1.Leibke (Onyas) Goldblatt, he emigrated to South Africa and died recently, he was more than 90 years old (see comment below)
2.Golda (Onyas) Mer, married to Rab. Ava Onyas and sister of Jana Mer (my grandmother) that was married to Nojem Hershl Girsh
3.Rab. Ava Onyas
In the back from left to right
1.Sheindl Onyas she and his baby were killed by the nazis in Lithuania
2.Yankl (Onyas) Zahavi, after emigrating to Southafrica, he emigrated to Israel to moshav Timorim, he died in Israel
3.Tzila Onyas, she emigrated to Mexico and got married to Yekutiel Valner from Vaskai, Lithuania, he was my father oldest brother

I am also enclosing a photo of Abe Mer, father of Golde, Jana and Bashe.
Golde was married to Onjas and had Three sons Yankl,Leibke and Leizke and two daughters Tzila and shenke, the three brothers emigrated to South Africa, then Yankl emigrated to Israel (Moshav Timorim), Tzila emigrated to Mexico and the shenke stayed in linkuva and was killed.
Their families live mainly in South Africa, the U.S., Canada, Israel and Mexico
Jane was married to Nojem Hershl Girsh and had one son and three daughters, Shimon that stayed in Lithuania and was killed, Masha got ill and died before 1941, Golde got killed and Nejama (my mother) emigrated to Mexico Bashe got married to Moshe Kaplan they left to Mexico and after a few years emigrate to Colombia, they procated four sons and one daughter Gregorio,Abraham,Leonardo,Abel and Sara. Gregorio and Leonardo passed away. Their families live mainly in the U.S., Colombia and Mexico. Enrique Spindel from Austin Texas is a grandson of Tzila Onjas, Tzila got married with yekutiel Vainer from Vskai, Lithuania and he was my fathers a brother


Saul Issroff commented: I presume Leibe was Leslie Goldblatt the journalist who wrote 'It was but yesterday' the book about Linkuva. My great garndfather Noach Girs was the son of Lazer or Eliezer.

In the photo it doesn`t appear a third brother called Leizke that also emigrated to South Africa. Leibke was the one that wrote the book.

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