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Family Shufer, Soufer, Shpir

Family Shufer, Soufer, Shpir
By Chaim Freedman

There appears in the 1816 Revision Lists and other lists for Linkuva a family variously spelled Shufer, Soufer, Shpir. The head of family Tevel son of Itsik Shuper, aged fifty-one in 1816, died in 1819 and had sons. The spelling of the surname Super which I am seeking poses a problem. In Hebrew/Yiddish it is spelled sin-vav-peh-resh. Due to the notorious Litvak lisp, this is pronounced by some people as "Shuper". I have researched Super families that appear in towns in Latvia: Lutzin (now Ludza), Rezhitza (Rezekne) and Korsovka (Karsava).

Common personal names, Tevel (Tuviah), Itsik and Shmuel tempt me to think that the two families, that in Linkova and that in Lutzin are related.

I am seeking anyone who has connections or material about this family who may be related to these families.

Chaim Freedman

Petah Tikvah, Israel, 2004

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