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Family Shtender from Linkuva

Family Shtender from Linkuva
Below is all I have on Shtenders in Linkuva.

My great-great-great grandfather:
SHTENDER Movscha (Mowscha), son of Leizer; head of household in 1818 (listed w/ family of Ber son of Benjamin BALT) & 1834 (listed w/ family of Shmuel son of Mathias GAMN), Linkuva, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania. [Maybe his daughters were married to Balt & Gamn?]

Movscha's brother: SHTANDER, Rundel?, head of household in 1834, Pasvalys, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania

Movscha's son, my great-great grandfather: STENDER Elia, b. 1819, d. 1873, Riga, Latvia; m? Reisel, b. 1822?, d. 1888

Other children of Movscha:

1 Leib, b. ca 1823; m? Rocha GURWITZ, d. 1888; in Riga 1885/6 from Linkuva

 2 Herman, b. ca 1841; in Riga 1885/6 from Linkuva

3 Tamara, daughter of Mowscha?, b. ca 1839, d. 1893; m. Avraam/Abraham SWITGALL, b. 1833, d. 1896

 2 Esphir Mera, b. ca 1862

 2 Isaak, b. Nov. 1869

 2 Simon David (Shimen/Semen/Simyon) SVITGAL, b. Apr 1871; in Ventspils (Windau) 1905-07

 2 Haja Elka, b. 1873

 2 Fruma Jenta, b. 1876

 2 Scholem Rubin, b. Feb 1879

  3 Tamara, b. 1905

The names Leizer, Moshe, Elia, Fruma & Tamara kept recycling through the Stander generations. There is a maddening number of males called Max; evidently a nickname for anyone whose middle name began with M, such as Mendel & Mnochum. Can send you a (fairly) complete tree, if you're interested, but after the above all of "my" Standers were in Latvia & then scattered around the world.

My great-grandfather Leiser (grandson of Mowscha from Linkuva) was a shochet in Riga. I see that you have photos and oral history of the Gurvitz family of Linkuva. Mowscha's son Leib married Rocha Gurwitz (ca 1840?) and moved to Riga from Linkuva.

Revisited JGEN and found this record with a Stender from Linkuva that I'd missed--Jankel, presumably my great-grandfather Jossel Mowscha's brother. See:

I assume that the Stander clan (however you want to spell it) was gone from Linkuva by 1863, when your plot map was made.

Bella Stander
18 January 2003

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