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[Family Photograph]


  • A: Sioma (Shmuel) Barr. Son of C and D. Retired pharmacist. Major in israeli army now residing in Tel Aviv.(SC)
  • B: Yuli Barr. Son of C and D. Killed in Holocaust (SC)
  • C: Hirshl Barr, Pharmacist, Brother of 8. Died suddenly not long after his brother in 1930's (SC)
  • D: Sonia Barr (nee Klein) wife of C. Dentist, mother of A and B. Killed in Holocaust (SC)
  • E: Meishe Klein. Son of Kalman and Anna Klein (13). Brother of Eibe (15) and Yarna etc. Became civil engineer. ?Killed in Holocaust (SC)
  • F: Benyamin (Vienka) Klein, brother of 15,E,23,22. Survived in Soviet army, died in Lithuania in 1990's.(SC)
  • G: Riva Barr. Daughter of I and N. Pediatrician. Survived Holocaust and died in Jerusalem in late 1970's (SC)
  • H: Izik Blumberg. Brother of N. Simon Civjan's maternal grandfather, married to his first cousin Yachne Barr (not in photo) who was sister of I and K. Died in 1934.(SC)
  • I: Tzalel Barr. Cousin of C and 8. Killed in 1930's.(SC)
  • J: Yachne Barr. Sister of G,Q,U,Y,&?. Dentist, survived holocaust, last known in 1970's in Jerusalem. Her daughter also survived.(SC)
  • K: My paternal grandmother, Seine (Sarah) Blumso(h)n, nee Bar(r). Mother of groom. Sister of I. Killed in Holocaust. Sister of Simon Civjan's grandmother.
  • L: Unknown
  • M: Yudl Barr. Son of 8 and 12. Brother of 9. Agronomist. Later married Rochel Lever and had a boy. All killed in Holocaust.(SC)
  • N: Liba Barr (nee Blumberg) wife of I and sister of H. Committed suicide in 1920's. (SC)
  • O: My paternal grandfather, Bezalel (Calel) Blumso(h)n, or Bezalel ben Ze'ev in Hebrew. He died in 1937. On my father's South African Naturalization Certificate his father's name is given as Calel (? an English translation of Bezalel)
  • P: Sarah Blumson later Sara Epstein. Sister of the groom. She and her husband killed in the Holocaust.
  • Q: ? Braina Barr, daughter of I and N. Died in early 1930's of congenital heart disease. (SC)
  • R: Charles Nochumsohn, husband of my father's eldest sister, Yachne Bluma. He died in 1936.
  • S: Sydney Nochumsohn, eldest son of Charles and Yachne Bluma. He died in 1996.
  • T: Unknown
  • U: Shmuel Barr. Brother of G,J,Q and perhaps Y. Killed in Holocaust.(SC)
  • V: Yachne Bluma Nochumsohn, my father's eldest sister. She died in 1996.
  • W: Harry Nochumsohn, second son of Charles and Yachne Bluma. Died in Italy in the 2nd World War. The Nochumsohns moved to South Africa in 1931.
  • X: Sonia Kapuler. Daughter of 19 and 16. Sister of bride. Later married her first cousin (15) and both killed in Holocaust.
  • Y: Unknown. ? sibling of U.
  • Z: Freda Blumso(h)n, wife of Meier Blumso(h)n, see 3 below. This photograph was taken at their wedding. Daughter of 16 and 19. Sister of X and 20. Died of breast cancer ?1930
  • 1: Malka Ber. Daughter of Nehe ber (nee Kapuler, not in photo). Niece of 13 and B and cousin of the bride. Emigrated to Isreal in 1930's, died 1995.
  • 2: Haitse Barr, nee Skikne. Wife of U and cousin of the later actor Laurence Harvey (Larry Skikner). Perished in Holocaust.
  • 3: Meier Blumso(h)n, my father's brother. He was killed in the Holocaust probably in 1945.
  • 4: My father's youngest brother, Woolfie (Ze'ev) Blumsohn. He moved to South Africa in 1929. He died in 1980.
  • 5: Dora Klein. Killed in Holocaust.
  • 6: Sheftl (Cecil)Klein.
  • 7: Blume Klein (nee Joffe) Mother of 6. Killed in Holocaust.
  • 8: Tsalel Barr. Older brother of C, husband of 12, father of M and 9.
  • 9: Tsile Barr. Daughter of 12 and 8. Married her first cousin Banyamin Kapuler (not in photo). Emigrated to palestine where she died.
  • 10: Toibe Klein. Younger sister of Cecil and Dora (5&6). Killed in Holocaust.
  • 11: ? Shmuel Klein (father of 6).
  • 12: Bashe-Mire Barr (nee Klein). Sister of D,11,16. Died in 1930's.
  • 13: Anna Klein (nee Kapuler). Wife of Kalman Klein. Dentist. First cousin of 19, sister of Nehe Ber (not in photo)
  • 14: Bashe Ber. Sister of Nehe Ber's husband??
  • 15: Eibe Klein. Son of 13 and Kalman Klein. Physician. Killed in Holocaust.
  • 16: Ete-Leie Kapuler (nee Klein). Mother of the bride and of 20 and X. Sister of D,11,16. Killed in Holocaust.
  • 17: Ephraim Lev. Nephew of 14, pharmacy student. Killed in Holocaust.
  • 18: Rochel Blumso(h)n. Daughter of K and O. Survived holocaust and died in the USA.
  • 19: Yitsik Kapuler. Father of the bride. First cousin of 13. Died 1940.
  • 20: Esther Kapuler. Sister of the bride. Killed in Holocaust.
  • 21: Miriam (Mirke) Ber. Sister of 1. Killed in Holocaust.
  • 22: Yasha (Jack) Klein. Emigrated to USA 1936.
  • 23: Marusya Klein. Sister of 22. Died in Belgium of meningitis in 1930's
  • Notes: Klein = Kleinas in Lithuania ?

Family Pictures

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