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Kaddish in Hebrew with English lettering

Yis-ga-dal v'yis-ka-dash sh'may rabo. B'ol-mo dee-v'ro chir u-say, v'yam-leech mal-chu-say, B'cha-yay-chon uv-yo-may-chon, uv-cha-yay d'chol bays yis-ro-ayl, Ba-a-go-lo u-viz'man ko-reev, v'im-ru o-mayn. Y'hay sh'may rabo m'vo-rach, l'o-lam ul-ol-may ol-ma-yo. Yis-bo-rach v'yish-ta-bach, v'yis-po-ar v'yis-ro-mam, V'yis-na-say v'yis-ha-dar, v'yis-a-leh, v'yis-ha-lal Sh'may d'kud-sho b'rich hu;

L'ay-lo (ul-ay-lo) min kol bir-cho-so v'shee-ro-so, Tush-b'cho-so v'ne-cheh-mo-so, da-a-mee-ron b'ol-mo, V'im-ru o-mayn.

Y'hay sh'lo-mo rabo min sh'ma-yo,

V'cha-yeem o-lay-nu v'al kol yis-ro-ayl v'im-ru o-mayn. O-se sho-lom bim-ro-mov hu ya-a-se sho-lom O-lay-nu v'al kol yis-ro-ayl v'im-ru o-mayn

Bodies in Dachau

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