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Family Green/Guber from Linkuva and Pamusa

Family Green/Guber from Linkuva and Pamusa
My information about my late father's family is pretty sketchy. My late father (may he rest in peace) Meyer David Green, was born in the village of Pamusa to Eliezer and Reva (nee Guber) Green in 1904. He and his older sister Bluma (married to Abe Dembo) lived in Cape Town from the late l920's till the end of their lives. The rest of the family remained behind in Lithuania.

I discovered the letter he kept his whole life after he died. It was written from Linkova (in Yiddish) and in it my late grandmother talks about visiting her daughter and son-in-law who appear to be doing so well. It seems that they had a store of some sort. At any rate, I believe my Aunt's name was Nechama but I do not know her married name - no one is left who can tell us what her married name was or what happened to her and her children.

His mother and two younger brothers lived on the family farm until all news of them vanished around 1941. He had two sisters, Nechama and Minka. Both were married with children but we do not know their married names. One of them lived in Linkova and may have owned a store of some kind. His brother Shepsel was married to a Gershuny. The younger boys names were Benjamin and Zalman. If anyone happens to know the married names of the Green daughters and what happened to them and their families that would fill a real and continuing gap for our family. We still wonder if a child might have survived since both sisters had children.

My father felt the pain of losing his family so deeply that he was unable to talk about them and hence our lack of knowledge. The family farm that had been in the Guber family for many generations has disappeared into the hands of the Lithuanians. My father never received compensation for the loss of the family farm. I sometimes feel driven to right this wrong. But the immense tragedy of the loss of every single member of his family who remained behind in Lithuania can never be recovered. Even though my father was not a holocaust survivor the knowledge that his family was wiped out never left his consciousness and therefore his response to his loss was very similar to holocaust survivors and we, his four children, knew never to ask him about his siblings or his parents. The subject was too painful. I have one grainy photograph of the family taken in the late 20s and one letter from my late bobbe to my father and that is all the documentation I have.


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