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Family Davidson and Treisman from Linkuva

Family Davidson and Treisman from Linkuva
My great grandfather, David DAVIDOVICH was born in Linkuva Abt.1850 and died in Linkuva in 1918. He married Rachel TREISMAN and the children, Simon, Joe, Reuben (My grandfather) & David (name changed to DAVIDSON) arrived in Krugersdorp, South Africa.

After David died, the family moved to Pushalat (pusulatos) one shtetl away from Joniskels north west of Linkuva.

I only know minor facts about the DAVIDOVICH family from LINKUVA, but this may assist anyone researching the name DAVIDOVICH or TREISMAN. The following facts have been told to me and also verified by living sources, and archival documents from THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF SOUTH AFRICA in PRETORIA.

David Rafael DAVIDOVICH born ? died in Linkuva in 1918 MARRIED Rachel TREISMAN (b. 15/05/1882 in Linkuva, died in Krugersdorp 24/01/1961 and and had the following children:

  1. Simon DAVIDSON (Simcha DAVIDOVICH) b.08/08/1906 in Linkuva d. 26/10/1981 in Krugersorp MARRIED Minna FRIDLAND b. 11/07/1914 in Riga LATVIA d. 11/07/1995 in Johannesburg
  2. Reuben DAVIDSON (Rufka DAVIDOVICH) b. 01/07/1908 in Linkuva d. 30/01/1965 in Krugersdorp MARRIED Pearl KLOSS b.18/05/1917 in Bethnall Green LONDON, lives in Durban
  3. Joe DAVIDSON (Yoske DAVIDOVICH) b.1911 in Linkuva d. 09/10/1974 in JHB MARRIED Hilda KIRSCHBAUM b. 10/03/1921 in JHB, living in Berea JHB
  4. Unknown Male child born in Linkuva apprx. 1913 died as a small child owing to malnutrition.
  5. David DAVIDSON (Dovidka DAVIDOVICH) b. 24/12/1918 in Linkuva d. 09/08/1980 in Krugersdorp.

I know for a fact that the old man died in Linkuva and his wife Rachel and the 4 surviving children left Linkuva, travelling through Joniskels and arrived in Pusulad (Pushallat) in approx.1923. Willie Mann remembers the family arriving in Pusulad and moving into a house on the corner as you arrive into the town on the right hand side. Rachel and her 4 children left Pusulad for Cape Town. They travelled to Libau LATVIA, through the Kiel Canal to THE POOR JEWS SHELTER in London, and then left on the GARTH CASTLE arriving in Cape Town in 1928. From there they made their way to Krugersdorp as Yishruel Adelson (Husband of Rachel's niece) who owned a bakery in Krugersdorp was instrumental in bringing out family from Lithuania. Yishruel was married to Rachel's niece, Edith Chaya TREISMAN.

In the BIRTH records for Linkuva I note a Feige DAVIDZON (fathers name DOVID) a female who was born on 17/05/1924 in LINKUVA. I have no idea whom this may be, she must be related to the family, however the DAVIDOVICH brothers were too young to have had kids back in Lithuania, but I do not know anything about the father David Rafael DAVIDOVICH (my great grandfather having any siblings: perhaps Feiga is a child of a sibling? I wish I knew the answer?

I have extensive trees on TREISMAN and DAVIDOVICH families if these might be of any help to anyone

Descendants of Leizer (Lozor) DAVIDZON

1 Leizer (Lozor) DAVIDZON
..... 2 David Rafael (Shmuel David) DAVIDZON b:1881 in Linkuva, Lithuania d:1918 in Linkuva
....... +Rachel (ROCHA,Rokhe) TREISMAN b:1882 Pusalotas,Lithuania d:1961 Krugersdorp SA m:1905 Pusalotas
.......... 3 Simon (Simcha DAVIDOVICH) DAVIDSON b:8 Aug 1906 in Linkuvad:1981 Krugersdorp, SA
............ +Minna FRIDLAND b:11 Jul 1914 Riga Latvia d:11 Jul 1995 Johannesburg SA m:1937 Kimberley SA
.......... 3 Reuben(RUVVIN,Rufka DAVIDOVICH) DAVIDZON b:1908 Pusalatos,Lithuania d:1965 Krugersdorp,SA
............ +Pearl KLOSS b:18 May 1917 in Bethnall Green, London, UK m: 1945, SA
.......... 3 Joe (Yoske/Osif DAVIDOVICH/DAVIDZON) DAVIDSON b:1911 Pusalatos,Lithuania d:1974 Jhb SA
............ +Hilda KIRSCHBAUM b:10 Mar 1921 in Johannesburg, SA
.......... 3 Unknown DAVIDSON b:in Linkuva, Lithuania d:in Linkuva, Lithuania
.......... 3 David (Dovidka DAVIDOVICH) DAVIDSON b:Dec 1918 Pusalotas Lithuania d:1980 Krugersdorp, SA
..... 2 Orel Girsh Meier DAVIDOVICH b:1890 in Pakruojis, Lithuania d:1894 Pusalotas, Lithuania

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