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Extracts from the Pakroi archives

Entry No.OccasionSurname, name, father's name, sexDate and Year/NumberPlace of Registration
23SantirokosYachne Blumzon'aise, Calelis Nochumson'as1923.03.18 (2)Linkuva
63MirtiesEte-Beile Blumzon ' leve Aronas
1925.10.26 (1)Linkuva
11GimimoSmuel-Ovsei Kotlovic`, Benjamin
1914.07.07 (11)Linkuva
53GimimoIs`ma Nochumson`as, Caleli's
1924.03.18 (6)Linkuva
49GimimoSimonas Girs`'as, Saulas
1925.09.26 (8)Linkuva
52GimimoGirs`'as Nochumsonas, Caleli's
1925.10.10 (11)Linkuva


1. "Santirokos" = marriage

2. "Mirties" = death

3. "Gimimo" = birth

4. "Nyas" = male

5. "Moteris" = female. Entry number 63 above shows
Nyas but is believed to have been a mistake and should be Moteris.

6. In the case of marriages the father of the bride's name is given. See Entry 23. Caleli's was the father of Yachne.

7. In the case of deaths the father is shown. See Entry 63. Aronas was the father of Ete-Beile.

8. In the case of births the father's name is shown. e.g Entry 11. Benjamin was the father of Smuel-Ovsei.

9. Entry 53. Is`ma Nochumson` as became known as Sydney Nochumsohn, born exactly one year after his parents marriage. See Entry 23.

10. Entry 52. Girs`'as Nochumsonas became known as Harry Nochumsohn.

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