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A Trip to Lita, by David Blumsohn
Dedicated to 150,000 Jewish Lithuanian men and women and 50,000 Jewish children murdered by the Nazis and their Lithuanian collaborators. Amongst them were 250 Jews from the village of Linkuva killed in July 1941. Also dedicated to our parents and grandparents Aaron and Leiba

With respect to all victims, and those who dared to stand up for them
NEW: Audio witness testimony by an elderly Lithuanian woman about the killings in Linkuva and the perpetrators

WEBSITE OF THE MONTH: Thoughts on Lithuania�s Shadows of The Past: A Historical Essay on the Legacy of War. (by Saulius Suziedelis - an excellent paper outlining the history of Lithuania and the psychology of it's people; from the Psychology Journal, Artium Unitio).
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Part 2

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